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Summer Holidays

It's been a glorious summer, which has made for some heated work in the brewery! That has meant that all of the Old Sawley Brewing Company team have particularly enjoyed their summer holidays this year, taking a break from the intense heat of the brewhouse.

Spanish brewery
Brewing in Lanzarote

Head Brewer Roo headed over to Lanzarote and couldn't resist the opportunity to visit a local brewery. A busman's holiday is a fantastic thing when you are a brewer! He went to the artisan brewers, Los Aljibes which is on the easterly side of the island. Brewer Gav showed him around, and happily there is also a restaurant and bar on site so there is plenty of opportunity to sample their wares!

Gav is living the dream in Lanzarote having moved over from Bolton. As you can see from the photo, demand is outstripping capacity and so he is looking to move the brewery to get more space. Currently they are offering a dark, a Pale Ale, an IPA and an APA. Roo tried some from the conditioning and was very impressed with it.

Los Aljibes beer
Los Aljibes

Roo really enjoyed the opportunity to talk brewing with colleagues in a different country, comparing notes on technique and practice. Los Aljibes have to use reverse osmosis on their water, do not filter unless bottling and pack their beers full of hops!

Meanwhile, our Business Development Manager James also enjoyed the opportunity to jet away.

James' research was enjoying a lovely Free Dive IPA from Copperhead Brewery of Tampa whilst watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. We can't help but think that this research was not quite as in-depth as Roo's but it certainly makes us jealous!

nottingham brewery, real ale, british brewers
Liam's first solo brew

Of course, someone has to hold the fort while all of this gallivanting takes place! This meant it was time for Liam to step up to the plate - with his first solo brew (under Mark's watchful eye). He brewed our signature ale, Little Jack. But how does the student match up to the master? Time will tell...


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