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Plummeth the Hour, Plummeth the Beer

It was with great delight that we discovered our plum crumble porter, Plummeth the Hour, had been voted Beer of the Festival at the Ashbourne Beer and Cider Festival this weekend.

A half pint of Plummeth the Hour, the plum crumble porter from Old Sawley Brewing Co
Plummeth the Hour at the White Lion Beer Festival

Plummeth the Hour has been breaking hearts and taking names since we first developed the recipe in January for a Brew Experience Day with the Needle and Pin in Loughborough. In July, the dark beer bagged us our first award at the SIBA Midlands Independent Beer Awards in Nottingham. It won silver for the mid to dark speciality beers.

We've also enjoyed reading everyone's glowing reviews on Untappd. Plummeth the Hour has an average score of 4.01 out of 5 - our highest ranking beer on social app. Some customers have been incredibly complimentary, particularly in comparison to the well known plum porter from a much larger brewery. Clearly the crumble element makes all the difference!

Plummeth the Hour crumble plum porter review on Untappd.
Comparison to The Brewery That Shall Not Be Named!

So it is particularly nice to hear that the good people of Ashbourne CAMRA and the attendees at their Beer and Cider Festival elected our beer as best in show. We were selected for Beer of the Festival from a tough field of 40 beers, many of them brewed by our good friends in neighbouring breweries. Being chosen by public vote is particularly sweet as it is brewing beer that people really enjoy drinking that is our main motivation!

As ever, the White Lion in Sawley always has a selection of our beers available on tap if you would like to try the beers that we brew. However, as word grows, our brews are now beginning to pop up all over the country. Drop us a comment and let us know where you have seen the Old Sawley Brewing Co on the bar last!


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