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Leicester CAMRA Mild in May

We like to take things one stage further than your standard #brewerytour. Our Brew Experience Day's allow you to get hands on with every stage of the #brewing process, from designing your own #beer to seeing your new creation safely into the fermenter.

This week we were joined by a very special group - representatives from Leicester Campaign For Real Ale who have created their own beer to accompany their annual Mild in May campaign.

brewery, leicester beer, british brewers, real ale
Getting stuck in to the cleaning!

Their beer is called JIM - Just in May - and is a one off mild ale designed to help promote responsible enjoyment of mild during May. The Mild Trail is something they put on for their members each year, where people collect stickers at each pub they enjoy a mild in over the course of the campaign, and if they get enough stickers then a bespoke t-shirt is their reward!

The group really got stuck in at the brewery. During the morning session they received an expert introduction to the brewing process and designed their beer, it's name and the concept they wanted for the pumpclip. Then they moved in to the brewhouse to get on with the mashing in.

brewer's yeast, brewing beer, old sawley, nottingham brewery, mild drinkers
Pitching the yeast

In the downtime (brewing is a process of many stages, all of which need their own time) we kept them busy helping us with the regular brewery jobs, including cleaning casks and the mash tun. The guys did a great job and we hope they're happy with their pump clip, which was designed faithfully to their concept!

JIM is sitting happily in the fermenter, and will be released out into the wilds of Leicester ready for Mild in May. Keep your eye on our social media for updates about how this mild is coming along and where it will be available - we have both Facebook and Twitter accounts for your edification and delight.

UK beer, mild ale, fermentation tank, derbshire brewery, old sawley
JIM on his way for a little rest in the fermentation tank

If you'd like to enjoy a Brew Experience Day with a group of friends, a network of colleagues or a team of valued customers, drop us a line. There are more details about the Experience on our website.


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