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Happy Birthday Fuggled!

Fantastic beer blog Fuggled is just about to hit its 10th birthday! We wanted to mark the occasion and wish Alistair Reece, the #blog's author, a very happy anniversary. Alistair has a very special place in our hearts here at the #OldSawley #Brewing Company.

#Fuggled is well worth a read, Alistair has written on just about every beer-related topic you can imagine and his writing style is easy going and approachable.

He was responsible for the recipe for Storm, our chestnut #ale. Storm is a deep brown chestnut coloured ale. Rich fruity flavours and a hoppy finish perfectly complement the smooth alcohol warming character. We have had good feedback from customers who have found it to be easy drinking, very smooth, and an interesting example of a more unusual type of ale.

Alistair is a Scottish #brewer, currently living in Virginia. The recipe was created by him to celebrate the call of dark nights, supping ale in a British pub. It certainly does create a warming feel as you drink it! We are so proud to have had the opportunity to make the link with someone so knowledgeable about all things beer. It's also fantastic to be able to work with other experts in the industry as it really helps to bring creativity and innovation to our beers.

And of course we can't mention Storm without a nod of the cap to how the #beer got it's name! It is named for the Head Honcho at The White Lion, Chief Pub #Dog Storm. A beautiful dog, with a strong and powerful character - just like the beer. You can of course regularly find this ale on the bar of The White Lion. If you're very lucky you might get the chance to say hello to the original Storm while you are there!

Let us know in the comments where you have seen Storm out and about and what you thought of the beer.


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