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Father's Day Gift Idea

We've bottled a very limited edition run of beers, just in time for Father's Day. Choose from four of our most popular beers; Little Jack, Plummeth the Hour, Figaro and Jobber. You can find out more about each of these beers on our website by clicking here.

bottled beer, old sawley brewing co, old sawley
Old Sawley Brewing Co beers - now in bottles

These beers are bottle conditioned, which means that they are live with a small amount of yeast in the bottle that gives additional flavour and a small amount of light natural carbonation to the beer. They should be kept upright and kept cool (around 12 degrees). Make sure that the sediment has fully settled before serving.

When pouring the beer, make sure that you pour it smoothly and all in one go. So make sure the glass is big enough to hold all of the beer! You want to avoid pouring in stages as tilting the bottle back and to will disturb the sediment. When the sediment gets to the neck of the bottle, stop pouring to avoid a hazy beer. If you do disturb the sediment, or pour everything in by mistake don't worry! It's still perfectly drinkable and in fact yeast is known for it's health benefits!

Old Sawley Brewing Co, Long Eaton pub, British brewery, Nottingham brewery
Old Sawley beers in a presentation box

Our bottled beers are available either as a set of three bottles in a presentation box for £10 or two beers with an Old Sawley Brewing Co glass for £8. Order your beers by calling 0115 8360250 or ask at the bar of The White Lion, Sawley. Stocks are strictly limited so don't hang around to place your order!


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